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Free Painting Course

On my YouTube channel Noël Kin you can find a free painting course with the basic fundamentals for a beginner who wants to improve their pictorial technique. In this course I show a little my vision and strategies to paint in a simple way any type of theme: portrait, landscape, still life, etc. I hope you like it, subscribe to my channel!


The course consists of 4 chapters and a duration of 1 hour and 40 minutes,

What are you going to learn?


  • Basic material for painting

  • The 10 essential colors

  • How to paint with only 3 brushes

  • How to handle the brush

  • Types of mediums

  • Trick to clean brushes​

  • Pictorial strategy to follow

  • How to paint by layers

  • Dark parts and light parts

  • 7 mistakes to avoid

  • How to apply the paint correctly

  • 10 Tips to paint better

  • How to mix colors in a simple way

  • How to get the color you are looking for

  • How to use complementary colors

  • How to get the skin tone

  • The entire pictorial process from start to finish


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