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Confinement in Igualada

A few weeks ago an epidemic began all over the planet that affects all the structures of the world, a historical fact without a doubt. Particularly my city, Igualada, has become involved in an outbreak and the authorities decided to confine our city to prevent the spread of the epidemic to other populations. Personally I have not changed much in my life since I am quite a homebody but having more time to think I have had some ideas for my artistic project.

During these first 15 days of confinement I have started a tribute portrait for those people who work in healthcare and other positions that require being active during this period. The portrait is a replica of Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring", one of the best-known paintings in history. Carrying out this painting allows me several things, firstly, to learn from a master painter, and secondly, to show in some videos the process that I carry out so that other artists and amateurs can see my procedures when painting a portrait.

Finally, as I have already said, to pay homage to those people who dedicate their time to helping others in these difficult moments and that is why I will symbolically put a mask on the portrait so that it remains in memory of these moments that we are all living .

It seems that we are in something similar to a change of era, if it continues without a doubt there will be a before and after of the appearance of the coronavirus, I sincerely hope that after the bad drink a better world emerges and that the "curse " become a blessing.

Thank you all!


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