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The artistic mind

Browsing the internet and by pure chance I came across a very interesting article on the psychology of the artistic mind. The truth is that I feel very identified with all the points, I wanted to share this information with all of you:

1.They are more sensitive and profound. There are things that cannot be expressed in words and artists have a wonderful way of communicating them. But for this they have carried out an exhaustive analysis of reality, they have absorbed the sensations, the emotions and have captured them on a canvas or in a song. The artists do not stay in the conscious and rational, they go a little further. For me this ability is increasingly important in a world focused on tangible success and in which we have forgotten that feeling is what makes us alive.

2.They show great discipline and perseverance. To make art you need to study, and a lot. It is necessary to know the laws, the norms, the techniques and to improve everything and at the same time find inspiration. This takes time and a lot of passion to fall down a million times and get back up.

Genius is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration (Edison).

3. Great capacity for introspection. To be able to express so much, it is necessary to have something to tell. In most cases, artists have lived through tough situations that have made them look within, analyze themselves and get to know themselves. It is not necessary to have been a victim, but it is necessary to have that sensitivity to connect with a certain pain, whether it is your own or that of others.

4.Great creativity. In this life there is not only one possible solution, there are multiple paths and this gives you a great variety of abilities, an enormous capacity to provide the world with unique things. To create, you don't have to be afraid of being different, that is precisely your weapon.

5. A more positive vision. You are going to tell me that a large number of artists end up committing suicide or suffering from depression, but I know for a fact that while they create, while they make art, while they enjoy the art of others, endorphins multiply in astonishing amounts. When you see art everywhere, you feel grateful and happy.

6. Ability to carry out social movements. Thanks to the fact that artists see the world in a different way, they are not afraid to confront the masses and therefore have the ability to show the world a fairer and more humane vision, they have the ability to vindicate themselves.

7.Great capacity for empathy. Each artist has their own style. In the world of art it is wonderful to see that what is reinforced, what is rewarded is that each one develops their own personality, their own style, that each one is different from the other. This is incredible because people learn to understand others, to put themselves in the other's shoes, to respect and appreciate what other people have to express.

8.Self-therapy capacity. It is very therapeutic to be able to capture your desires and fears, give life to what only exists in your mind. There are no barriers to imagination, with art you can do anything.

9.More development of the right hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere does not use conventional mechanisms for the analysis of thoughts. Provides non-verbal visuo-spatial faculties, specializes in sensations and feelings. It integrates various types of information and transmits them as a whole. It is also in charge of many activities attributed to the unconscious.

Grecia de Jesús, psychologist at PSYCOPOCKET


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