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Messi and Gaudi

My last two large-format portraits seem to have nothing in common, but if we do some research on their lives, certain parallels can be found.

First of all I want to explain that both cases are people who attract my attention and also cause me some admiration, that is why he paints their portraits.

Gaudí and Messi apart from the similarity in their pronounced beards, which are very typical and graceful in the portrait genre, have some characteristics that make them unique beings.

One of them is their extreme creativity in their field, one in the field of architecture and the other on the pitch, in both habitats they stand out for their imagination and their ability to create almost without limits. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they both suffered from a childhood illness that they had to overcome. It is known that Gaudí suffered from a rheumatic disease that forced him to be on his leg for long periods of time and like Messi, who suffered from a growth-related disease, they had to deal with pain and difficulties since childhood. These types of episodes somehow force you to do some kind of introspection.

Another thing that unites them is that both have a very direct relationship with the city of Barcelona and at the same time with Catalonia, we could say that in both cases his work and his person project the number of his city in the world like no one else it has done.

Deep down, Gaudí and Messi are two great artists and I love good artists.


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