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A few days ago I went to see the exhibition at CAIXAFORUM entitled "Velázquez and the Golden Age", it was a very interesting exhibition for me since it is not usual to see Velázquez's works live close to home. I went to see more closely the specific technique used by the Sevillian master and other painters of the time. The truth is that I was impressed by the technique and color of the works, they seemed to be made of exquisite simplicity. I like Velázquez because he does not define what he paints but rather insinuates and lets the viewer's eye create the perfect image in his head. All the great masters have had that ability and it is something that we do not see in contemporary art since many current painters tend to overdefine details as if they were a camera instead of a painter.

I have taken home some ideas for my next paintings, especially regarding the technique and some assessments that I have made about how these painters painted. Highly recommended for everyone. Until next time!!


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