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Boy with pipe

Interpreting the way of another artist is always difficult but from time to time I like to test myself and try to copy some masterpiece just for fun and also because you always learn something new during the process, . In this case I have chosen Pablo Picasso and his famous painting "Boy with a pipe" painted in 1905. I have to say that it has been more difficult than I expected and I have had to dedicate more time than expected. I like Picasso because his paintings tend to be less demanding in terms of pictorial technique and by painting with more freedom he makes his paintings more emotional for the viewer than a highly technical painting. I knew from the beginning that I did not want to obsess over making an exact copy down to the last detail, but rather to capture the essence of the painting and the way it was painted. I have taken the opportunity to make a video recording of the entire process that I will soon post on the web and social networks. I hope you like it!


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