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The chef

The chef

Oil on canvas 120 cm x 120 cm 


Discover the wonderful work of art that captures the essence of the Baroque and the innovation of our modern age. Introducing my first portrait with a model created with artificial intelligence, a unique painting that fuses past and present, classic art with cutting-edge technology.

Imagine a chef, meticulous and passionate, who distills his love for cooking in every dish he prepares. This masterpiece captures that passion in a captivating moment. With a beaming smile on his lips, the lead chef shines with the joy of creating delicious gastronomic creations.

Inspired by the Flemish masters of the Baroque, the style of this painting transports us to an era of artistic greatness. Bright colors envelop us, creating a vibrant palette that awakens our emotions. Every brushstroke is a touch of genius, every meticulous detail a testament to exceptional talent.


This painting is not just a portrait, but a window into a chef's soul and a vivid expression of his art. Whether you are a foodie or an art enthusiast, this work will invite you to explore the senses and transport you to a world of intense emotions.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this unique painting, a combination of past and future, a creation that will captivate you forever.  It's an opportunity you can't miss.

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